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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Oxford cloth and what does 900D mean?

Our Oxford cloth is made from Polyester material, one of the most common fabrics used to make a range of consumer items including backpacks. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is incredibly strong, meaning it doesn't tear, stretch or pill like many natural fabrics (i.e. cotton), is extremely abrasion resistant and requires no special care.


2. What does 900D mean?


"D" refers to "Denier", which is a measure of cloth density. 900D means that 9,000 meters of one strand of the fabric weighs 900 grams. The higher the denier, the higher the strength of the fabric. In other words, 900D Oxford cloth is stronger than 500D Oxford cloth. However, equivalent D across different types of fabric doesn't lend itself to direct comparison.

3. Is your fabric waterproof?

Yes, our exterior 900D fabric has a waterproof, PVC coating applied. This also serves to enhance what would otherwise be the normal strength of the fabric. But be aware - this doesn't make the backpack completely "waterproof". So long as there are zippers, and stitching, there will always be ways for water to infiltrate and no backpack will be absolutely waterproof. Best to avoid an immersion in the local lake or pond, and a good waterproof cover is still recommended.

4. Does your backpack have a warranty?

Yes, our backpack is covered by a one year warranty which is administered directly through Amazon. 

5. Can I also purchase directly through your website or social media?

No, we currently sell only through We hope to make other options available in the near future.

6. Are your products available in Canada, Mexico or Europe?

Shipping of our backpacks is from USA-based Amazon warehouses. They are available to Canada and Mexico but shipping and customs charges will apply. Our backpacks are not currently available in Europe. We hope to improve availability, including for Canada and Mexico, once pandemic-related supply issues ease up.

7. Do you plan to launch other products in future?

Absolutely! We continue to review other options in our product family and hope to make new, complementary products available on a regular basis. In fact, we would welcome your feedback concerning products you would be interested in seeing in future.

8. If I sign up for your newsletter, will you share my information?

No. See our Privacy page for full terms and conditions.

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