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Our Story

Endurance Outdoors ® is a start-up company run by a committed team of outdoors enthusiasts. We're dedicated to providing you with products that are made to superior standards of quality and usability, while remaining affordable for the average user.

A good backpack is one of the centerpieces of your outdoor kit, whatever your objective: whether survival, hiking, military or other uses. In our travels we've used and tested many, but few ever hit the mark.  Most packs were either low-priced but low quality and with few features, or better quality and fuller-featured but at price points often exceeding $200 USD.


And so we chose this critical piece of equipment as our first product, with the goal of providing you with something that covers all the bases.

Introducing the Endurance Outdoors ® Range Backpack.

Endurane Outdoors black bag on dock.jpg

We're excited about the backpack we've designed, and we hope you will be too. We created it using the input of not just our core team, but also individuals across military, hiking, sporting and other disciplines. It combines a range of useful features that you typically won't find in cheaper bags, with built-in quality that you'll only find in expensive ones. Click the buttons below the pics to find out more.

We think we hit the mark, but the best judge of whether we've been successful is you our customer. And that's why we want to hear from you, so feel free to use our contact form and tell us what you think - we look forward to reading your comments, whether about our backpack or suggestions for other products as we move into the future.

Best of luck in your many adventures!

The Endurance Outdoors ® Team

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